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50% of all proceeds supports America's homeless
Don't judge a cookie by its cover!
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An Unexpected Turn of Events...

While battling COVID-19 on a military base in 2021, I found myself binge-watching Christmas movies. Scenes of festive cookie-making and sipping hot cocoa were a common sight, and I couldn’t resist the urge to indulge. However, as soon as I recovered, I quickly realized that making the perfect Christmas cookies was no easy feat.   After spending $55 on two dozen store-bought cookies that resembled the ones on TV, I was determined to learn how to make them myself.  Despite my best efforts, my cookies never looked as pretty as the ones I’d seen on TV or at the bakery. But they tasted amazing!  Thus, “The Ugly Cookie” was born – a delicious treat that may not be the most visually appealing, but is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Why Pick Ugly Cookies? Because Perfect is Boring!

Anti-Instagram Ready

In a world full of picture-perfect meals, be the brave soul who posts the cookie that looks like it's having an identity crisis.

Snack with a Heart

50% of all proceeds supports America's homeless.

Party Icebreakers

Forget awkward small talk; these cookies will have everyone chatting about their charmingly odd shapes.

Flavorful Surprises

Our cookies are like unpredictable friends – they might show up in mismatched socks, but they always bring the fun.

Our Cookies

The Beauty is In the Taste…

The beauty of baked goods isn’t based on “Looks” only, nor does a pretty cookie mean it will taste great.  We discoverd through our dedication to developing the best recipes and working tirelessly every holiday to acheive the perfect “Taste” we received raved reviews from family, friends and strangers in how wonderful our cookies tasted.  Although the perfect look wasn’t acheived as what was seen on TV or bakery…what truly matters is that the beauty is in the taste.  

The Great Pan Adventure

Move your mouse or swipe your finger across this pan and watch it do… absolutely nothing! 

It’s like having a virtual pet, but less demanding and more shiny.

Join the Ugly Cookie Club

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